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Hey there, I’m Ruby. I like vegetables. How are you doing today?

I’ve been a vegetarian/pescatarian for pretty much my whole life. I grew up without meat and to this day still haven’t tried pork, lamb, beef and many common meats consumed regularly by many. I used to occasionally have seafood with my family, for example tuna, flake or salmon and much more occasionally calamari. However, something in me has always known animal products are wrong. When I was only two years old, I yelled at my mum for buying my brother chicken, begging her to put it back. When I was six, I cried because I tried a sausage at school with my friends. So when I was finally old enough to understand why I felt the way I did,  I began getting interested in veganism.

During high school, I would participate in vegan challenges where I would be vegan for a month every year. When I entered university this became a half yearly venture, being vegetarian during summer and vegan during winter. However in 2016 I became far more informed about the vegan lifestyle and the real reasons why consuming and using animal products in any capacity is much worse than I had previously thought. So, in July I became a vegan, and I haven’t looked back. With the help of my boyfriend, who became a ‘proper’ vegan the same time I did, I educated my parents on the topic and within a few days they too transitioned over to our lifestyle. We have never felt better!

I’m also a biologist. But if you don’t trust me, which from a scientific standpoint is completely reasonable, feel free to click on my source links as you go.