So today…I ate a fried egg


Yeah, you heard correctly. A fried egg.

The white was crisp and full of flavour, the yolk perfectly runny over the coconut brown rice. What a cheat meal. I guess I’d feel pretty guilty about it but…

It was made entirely from plants! Got you.

This is the green breakfast bowl from the vegan St.Kilda hangout, Matcha Mylkbar. I had previously tried their poached vegan eggs made from coconut cream, which I didn’t enjoy too much, expecting savory poached eggs. Their fried egg, however, was a vegan dream. The white was especially delicious. I’m not sure how they managed to made it, but yolk certainly tasted strongly of turmeric. It was accompanied with greens of all varieties, including: peas, guacamole, kale, asparagus and mint, along with a bed of coconut infused brown rice. Would definitely recommend.

Here’s what else we ordered:

Longevity Bowl – Sardinia, Italy
Longevity Bowl – Ikaria, Greece

That rice you see in the greek open souvlaki is infused with blue algal superfood. Mmmm algae…

And as if we weren’t full enough, we decided Pancake Parlour would be a good dessert option as they recently created a new vegan ‘plantcrepe’ menu.

Swiss Mountain Malts (soy and almond), Fresh Strawberry plantcrepes and the Crepes with Vegan Ice cream
Chocnana Crunch



Damn were those crepes filling. I think I overestimated myself with that milkshake.

It’s nice to have a good mainstream option when friends don’t want to hit up the indie places for vegan eats.

So I guess this post was just a little picture show to get for those of us who need mouthwatering images in our lives (let’s be real, that’s everyone). If you weren’t hungry before, I hope you are now.

xx R


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jmbat7 says:

    Hey R, Lovely post, makes my mouth water! Those pictures are beautiful, can’t wait to see more! xo


    1. Thanks J! That’s sweet! 🙂 Glad you liked it xxx


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