Osteoporosis & why milk doesn’t give you calcium

If I become a vegan, I will surely get osteoporosis and die. After all, milk gives you calcium…right?

Right. But at what cost?

In school we were told that we need milk for strong bones. On TV, we’re slapped with ads for cheese covered pizza and in the next breath, fitness ads promoting yoghurt with probiotics. Consider this for a moment: I have nothing to gain from telling you that dairy is bad. I am not working for any company, I am not somehow making money from you choosing soy over cow’s milk. The reason I am telling you this is for one reason, your health. If you think yoghurt companies advertise their products in the hopes that your gut health improves and your bones are kept strong, think again. Why does the same industry manufacture greasy cheeses and sugary ice creams?

Here’s another question: If we need cow’s milk for strong bones, then why do we need to steal it away from baby cows? We are the only animals to drink milk past infancy, and the only animals to drink the milk of another species. In what universe does drinking milk secreted for a baby cow make sense? Would you drink another woman’s breast milk?

The only people who hold ulterior motives are those part of the billion dollar dairy industry.

Ok, if that didn’t trigger some alarm bells, this might.

Recently, research has suggested that getting your calcium from dairy products might not be the way to go. As animal proteins (found in meats, dairy, eggs…etc) contain amino acids that are highly sulphuric (cysteine & methionine), out bodies need to balance out the acidity we consume. Our bones are made from calcium phosphate. When our blood pH is low (acidic), calcium and phosphate leach out from our bones to try to alkalise our bodies and are passed through our urine. Therefore, studies show that eating animal products, including dairy, actually result in a net loss of calcium. This leads to bone fracturing, and osteoporosis. In fact, it’s been found that the countries that consume the highest amounts of dairy products actually have the highest rates of osteoporosis.

Anyway, (vegan) food for thought. If you want to know how you can increase those calcium gains fo real, click here.

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