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But this doesn’t happen in Australia…right?

Yes, yes it does. Many of us like to combat our cognitive dissonance by telling ourselves that something we know is wrong ‘only happens overseas’ or that the kind of cruelty you see in documentaries is a ‘rare occurrence’. I completely understand. I mean why wouldn’t you? It’s difficult to change, and you can’t bear the thought of animal torture, so you tell yourself what might be a likely story, reasonable. Unless you’re some kind of psychopath, you are not going to enjoy watching horrible documentaries. You’re going to avoid them like the plague because the truth is too difficult to face. I get you. We don’t show you horrible footage for fun, we show you so that we can make change. Because the thing is that whether or not you click on the links below, this is happening at every moment, of every day, all around the world.  So while you’re running away from scary documentaries, an animal is suffering. And while you ignore it and choose meat over tofu, and baby cow’s milk over soy, you are supporting those industries, and paying for that cruelty to happen.

The choice is yours.

Having said that, I’ve categorised the following links into ‘lighter’ speeches and more confronting documentaries. They’re incredibly eye opening and amazing to watch. I hope that even if you choose to continue to run from videos that may push you out of your comfort zone, you at least choose to educate yourself through the speeches in the ‘lighter’ section. They will change your life.

‘Lighter’ speeches/documentaries



More confronting speeches/documentaries



xx R


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